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I was there I asked "The Language Question", and to say I was disappointed in the answers is an understatement. Melanie Joly truly doesn't get it. Marcel Cote gets it, I think, but then why would he have Louise Harel on his team knowing her stand is not conducive to a Montreal "duality". I don't know where Richard Bergeron gets his opinion that there's "no problem getting served in English anywhere" from. Has he tried it? I don't think so! And Denis Coderre well, avoiding is the name of the game. There were issues that I am very sorry we weren't able to continue on due to time restraints. All in all, it was very informative IMHO I liked Marcel Cote's head space he's on the right track from what I heard it's just too bad that he has Mrs Harel on his team it will cost him votes, and the others, I think Melanie Joly needs to get her head in a more realistic place she is very intelligent, but she needs to be smart Air Max 95 White Purple

Both Joly and Cote scored big points with the predominantly Anglo audience; Joly drew a loud round of applause for promising to lobby that Montreal have special status in Quebec, a demand of many Anglo Air Max St Pink

too and yes choose her battles but they must coincide with what the population needs and wants. Richard Bergeron not too much to say there that I didn't already mention he also has good plans, except for a very important issue that he thinks isn't. And then there's Denis Coderre he will bring in much of the same that we've been subjected to and so nothing will change there.

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´╗┐Candidates duke it out in CJAD 800's Town Hall

It was a lively debate that saw all candidates improve on their performances from the last English language debate broadcast on CJAD 800 where Melanie Joly was absent, further behind in the polls than her current second place standing.

weak performance, especially since when asked the language question she replied that she picked her battles and that is not a priority issue in her opinion. Bergeron outright denied a language problem even existed in this city . and Coderre, like the veteran politician that he is, swept the question about language and city state right under the rug completely. Marcel seemed the most honest and open to me. Regarding Louise Harel, he said that ALL Montrealers need to be included and it's his job to make sure everything is fair. This Coalition system has the potential to work much better, than the party system and I am willing to look deeply into it before making Yellow Air Max 95 my final decision.

election is the most important of the last and next 25 years, Bergeron said. those of you wanting more than four more years of the usual, choose Projet Montreal, he added. offer you a team with solid credentials and impeccable credibility.

The only candidate for real change is herself, said Joly in closing. integrity will take hard work. They will have Coderre as their next mayor and bring back Gerald Tremblay's team with him. Marvin Rotrand will beg Coderre to allow him to rejoin his old team mates, and remain as Vice Chair of the STM.

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Yellow Air Max 95

Coderre would up his sleeves and get to work, after Nov. 3. will also fight the PQ Values Charter in court.

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Montreal will continue its decline into the abyss, and in four years the electorate will return them all to power because in Montreal the electorate will always vote for the most familiar names.

"The problem of the day here is managing city hall, Cote said on improving efficiency at city hall. the cones that don't do nothing!

need as a mayor, someone who will make tough decisions pie in the sky ideas, said Cote. have made commitments to the Anglo and cultural communities. It all in writing.

I really hope that Montrealers don't make the mistake on Nov 3rd to elect someone who doesn't have the courage to stand up for what matters to Montrealers.

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Yellow Air Max 95

I was disappointed Mlanie Joly's Air Max Mid Winter Black

I was very happy with Marcel Ct's clearly explaining his plan to unite the city, that Montrealers across the city need to be in it for it to work, that we need to promote our language duality and that together we can stand up to the provincial government.

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The four main mayoralty candidates joined CJAD 800 and Montreal Gazette pundits for a Town Hall meeting this evening at Concordia University.

rights activists present at the event. Cote was also an audience favourite after calling language issues like damaging distractions and pushing an affirmative action plan to increase the number of Anglos and other minorities in the civil service.

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