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Anyone looking for scandals in the Roman Catholic Church can find them, but that the same church also provided for centuries hospitals when no one else did, and homes for unwanted children and orphans which otherwise would have died very young in malnutrition, neglect, exploitation.

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the Roman Catholic clergy who goes wrong, there are many who quietly and modestly try to do good work. How many Roman Catholic priests are there across Canada? How many of these have gone wrong? A couple of dozen out of thousands?

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Catholics in the present difficult times for their church have failed to speak up for it forcefully. In recent years, I have heard of quite a few cases of child abuse committed by clergy of other churches. Somehow, this has reflected very little on their churches, but such cases in the Roman Catholic Church are sensationalized till they appear to be symptomatic of the Roman Catholic Church.

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The celibacy demanded from Roman Catholic clergy is a problem. The celibacy of priests was proclaimed some 800 years ago because Air Max Shoes Ladies

I agree with Mr. O'Keeffe to the extent that it seems to me that Roman Catholics have not defended their own church vigorously in the context of recent scandals.

´╗┐Catholic good should be defended

For instance, almost all Newfoundlanders, be they Protestant or Catholic or something else, know of Mount Cashel only that boys were sexually and physically abused there by the Christian Brothers. But when the scandal broke, there were several persons who had grown up in the orphanage and who said that they had been well treated.

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Catholics have failed to provide the pertinent figures to the public. How many boys went through Mount Cashel? How many were Air Max Womens Black And White

I hope he won't mind if I offer an opinion even though I am not a Roman Catholic.

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It seems to me that for every member of Air Max Men Style

Mr. Nick O'Keeffe, in his letter to the editor (The elephant in the church) in the April 19 issue of The Gulf News states that the Roman Catholic Church is in one of the worst crises of its history, and that members of the family of that church should discuss openly that crisis.

abused? How many Christian Brothers worked there? How many were charged?

In our days, the celibacy tends to attract young men who have problems with their sexuality, but they do not become priests in the hope to find children whom they can abuse. They become priests in the hope that their submission will help them to overcome their sinful predilections. Not all succeed.

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married priests who Nike Air Max 95 White Camo had children were often tempted to dip into church funds to pay for the education of a son, give a dowry to a daughter so that the girl could marry well, etc.

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The church provided schools through which the sons of poor people could rise to very high positions. It protected and created a great cultural treasury; the cathedrals built by the church for instance in England are still cultural treasures.

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