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Tacloban's main convention centre, the Astrodome, has become temporary home for hundreds of people living in abject squalor. Families cooked meals amid the stench of garbage and urine. Debris was strewn along rows of seats rising from dark pools of stagnant water.

Many petrol station owners whose businesses were spared have refused to reopen, leaving little fuel for trucks needed to move supplies and medical teams around the devastated areas nearly a week after Typhoon Haiyan struck.

Ships carried 11 pallets ashore eight containing 1,920 gallons of water and three containing food Nike Air Max 95 Khaki at Tacloban airfield. Several pallets of water were taken to Guiuan, home to home to 45,000 people, which was also badly hit by the storm.

"Yes, I do feel that we have let people down because we have not been able to get in more quickly."

The city government remains paralysed, with an average of just 70 workers compared to 2,500 normally, he added. Many were killed, injured, lost family or were simply too overcome with grief to work.

The preliminary number of missing as of Thursday, according to the Red Cross, Air Max 98 Supreme Price

"There are still bodies on the road," said Alfred Romualdez, mayor of Tacloban, a city of 220,000 people reduced to rubble in worst hit Leyte province. "It's scary. There is a request from a community to come and collect bodies. They say it's five or 10. When we get there, it's 40."

More the 544,600 people have been displaced and nearly 12 percent of the population affected, the United Nations said. But many areas still have not received aid.

City administrator Lim, who on Sunday estimated 10,000 likely died in Tacloban alone, said Aquino may be deliberately downplaying casualties. "Of course he doesn't want to create too much panic. Perhaps he is grappling with whether he wants to reduce the panic so that life goes on," he said.

Anger and frustration have been boiling over as essential supplies fail to reach many of those in need. Food and other goods have stacked up at the airport in Tacloban, for instance.

"One of the best capabilities the strike group brings is our 21 helicopters," Montgomery said in a statement. "These helicopters represent a good deal of lift to move emergency supplies around."

The government was distributing 50,000 "food packs" containing 6 kg (13 lb) of rice and canned goods each day, but that covers just 3 percent of the 1.73 million families affected by the typhoon.

Survivors formed long queues under searing sunshine, and then torrential rain, to charge mobile phones from the only power source available: a city hall generator. Others started to repair motorbikes and homes. A rescue worker cleared debris near a wall with the spray painted words "We need food".

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"Operation Damayan" started with the George Washington and two cruisers taking up position off Samar to assess damage and provide logistical and emergency support such as fresh water.

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Nike Air Max 95 Khaki

´╗┐carrier starts Philippine storm relief as Aquino comes under pressure

Sailors assigned to the Saberhawks of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Seven (HSM 77) remove equipments from a MH 60R Seahawk helicopter on board aircraft carrier USS George Washington to make room for transport of cargo and personnel, as they travel via the "strike group" route to the Philippines to support humanitarian efforts in response to Typhoon Haiyan, in this photo taken November 13, 2013. aircraft carrier "strike group" started unloading food and water to the typhoon ravaged central Philippines on Thursday, Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard Black And Grey

Some areas have appeared to teeter near anarchy amid widespread looting of shops and warehouses for food and water.

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The carrier moved some fixed wing aircraft ashore to make more room for the helicopters on the flight deck.

He has said the death toll might have been higher had it not been for the evacuation of people and the readying of relief supplies, but survivors from worst affected areas say they had little warning of a tsunami like wall of water. Official confirmed deaths stood at 2,357 on Thursday, a figure aid workers expect to rise.

as President Benigno Aquino faced mounting pressure to speed up the distribution of supplies.

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Britain also said it would send a helicopter carrier, HMS Illustrious, to help in the relief effort. Nike Air Max 110 Junior

Nike Air Max 95 Khaki

Nike Air Max 95 Khaki

"We went into the Astrodome and asked who is in charge and just got blank stares," said Joe Lowry, a spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration, which is setting up camps for the displaced.

remained at 22,000. It has cautioned that that number could include people who have since been located.

Outside Taclaban, burials began for about 300 bodies in a mass grave on Thursday. A larger grave will be dug for 1,000, city administrator Tecson John Lim told Reuters.

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"The choice is to use the same truck either to distribute food or collect bodies," Romualdez added.

Aquino has been on the defensive over his handling of the storm given warnings of its projected strength and the risk of a storm surge, and now the pace of relief efforts.

Japan was also planning to send up to 1,000 troops as well as naval vessels and aircraft, in what could be Tokyo's biggest postwar military deployment.

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The nuclear powered USS George Washington aircraft carrier and accompanying ships arrived off wind swept eastern Samar province, carrying 5,000 crew and more than 80 aircraft, after what strike force commander Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery called a "high speed transit" from Hong Kong. General Douglas MacArthur's force of 174,000 men landed on October 20, 1944, in one of the biggest allied victories of World War Two.

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