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"It's everything for them to see what's possible," he said. "If you don't know what's possible, you don't know what you're shooting for."

in Boston. Bailey boasts a fine resume in his own right. He has played with Willie Nelson and Jethro Tull, Dizzy Gillespie and Paquito D'Rivera, among others.

"I don't feel that drive to do a lot more with it. My drive is to help others."

"It's become more important for me now helping other people, because I've been fortunate to be able to do a lot in music," Wooten said after the class had ended, autographing basses presented to him by young, admiring musicians.

"It's one of the first times I've been nervous in a while," he said.

The concert neared its end and Bailey started into the traditional closing speech: thanks to the great crowd, a wonderful town. Then he said something different.

Aaron is a member of the Natrona Blues Band with three other NCHS students: John May, the guitarist, Leslee Christopherson, the keyboardist, and Reed Hilton, the drummer. Aaron wrote the song the group played for Bailey and Wooten. He admitted it was nerve wracking to play before his idols.

On Wednesday, they came to Casper to teach a class at NCHS, followed by a show later in the evening.

"He's a giant to him," Weis said.

These men are two of the more accomplished bassists alive and, since 1991, have been teaching people what they know about their instrument. They teach all over the world.

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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Cool Grey

The group assembled later that night on the auditorium stage. They were the opening act for Bass Extremes and a crowd of several hundred people packed the room. The four young musicians all wore black. It was clear from the onset they were on. All four instruments played in unison, none overpowering the other. Aaron's bass came thumping through.

Victor Wooten, the man with the braids, has won five Grammy Awards and is the bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The group has won legions of fans for its combination of jazz, blues and pop.

Weis considered the impact of their appearance on his students.

The man with the braids nodded his head and came to his point. He was sitting in the first row and he couldn't hear Aaron's bass. Being in a band, he explained to the crowd, is like being in a conversation. It does no good to talk over someone in conversation, and it does no good to play over your band mates. Aaron should have turned up the volume on his amplifier. His band mates should have played softer.

They finished to a standing ovation, basking in the applause for a moment and nodding awkwardly toward the crowd as cheers descended upon them. It was over quickly, and they left the stage to make way for Wooten and Bailey.

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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Cool Grey

Nike Air Max 95 Essential Cool Grey

He pointed to Air Max 86

"These days, education is more rewarding. At concerts, people want an autograph and to say they were around you. There are people here that want to learn something."

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NCHS Band Director Shawn Weis met the pair at a Jazz Educators conference in Louisville, Ky., several years ago. He sent them an email a couple of months back to see if the pair would be willing to bring their group, Bass Extremes, to Casper. They agreed.

"We have 400 bassists at Berkeley, but I think we have room for 401, and I Nike Air Max 95 Anniversary Qs

A crowd of maybe a hundred high school and middle school students looked on Wednesday at Natrona County High School. Aaron, an NCHS junior, didn't seem to notice. He glanced again at the man with short braids sitting in the front row, his head bobbing to the bass line. Was he pleased? Did he like the music?

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Wooten was joined by Steve Bailey, the head of the Bass Department at the Berkley School of Music Air Max 98

"I heard one of the best young bassists I've heard in a Nike Air Max 95 Essential Cool Grey long time tonight," he said as Aaron listened from backstage.

The pair didn't disappoint. At one point, Wooten launched into the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood," untuned his bass mid song, proceeded into a swerving solo, retuned his bass without missing a beat and returned to "Norwegian Wood." The crowd went wild.

Aaron Hanson, the impressionable bassist, who was taking a picture with Wooten.

know where to get him. I'm coming back to Casper, Wyoming.".

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Aaron Hanson glanced at the front row of the auditorium and quickly looked down. He struck the strings of his bass, nodded his head to the beat and looked up and then down. As the music reached its climax, Aaron played harder, his hand racing up and down his bass' neck.

Can you play that bass line again, the man asked. Aaron complied.

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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Cool Grey

"That's as good as a bass can be played."

´╗┐Casper youngsters train with music great Victor Wooten

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