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One man who was cheering for Argentina, Rhys Wakeham, said he thought the game was done as soon as Germany put in its single goal with just seven minutes left in the game.

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game but how they played everything was pretty conservative on both sides," he said. "Great game no matter what."

In Toronto, hundreds of sweat drenched fans gathered downtown near the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and watched tensely Air Max Blue And Yellow

"I'm from Toronto and I didn't expect this much support for the World Cup in Edmonton," said Arsh Sidhu, who was wearing an Argentina jersey.

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"It was like hopeless," he said. "I though that was it. I though that was the end right there, when they scored. Germany's defence was just too strong."

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TORONTO Canadians turned out by the hundreds to watch Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup final on Sunday, with many braving either a scorching sun or heavy downpour.

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"I was expecting two or three goals in this whole Nike Air Max 95 Jacquard Blue

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Supporters gathered in public spaces across the country to cheer on their teams, watching Germany beat Argentina 1 0 in extra time to claim its fifth World Cup win.

In Montreal, several hundred people braved overcast skies for an outdoor party at Montreal's Parc Jean Drapeau, which is on the same island where the Montreal Grand Prix is held.

In Edmonton, where sports hoopla is typically reserved for hockey or the other type of football, hundreds gathered under a baking Prairie sun to watch the final on a big screen in the city's downtown.

time either goalkeeper blocked off a shot.

Welte, a Germany supporter, explained that his family were such big soccer fans that they took a break from camping during their trip to drive to Kamloops to watch Germany beat France in the quarter finals.

Rain spat at the enthusiastic crowd gathered before two large screens before turning into a downpour as the match went into the final minutes. The mob erupted with cheers as Germany was declared the winner and then scattered amid the driving rain. Some hung around to savour the win.

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"If you're German, you just cheer for every moment," said Nicole Hauvisen, who has lived in Toronto for five years.

While many donned the striped jerseys of Argentina, Germany's supporters seemed to be greater in number and a lot more vocal.

Chants of "Germany!" and "Deutschland!" filled the air and grew louder each Air Max White Black Red

as the game went through a scoreless 90 minutes.

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"Vancouver is the city of bandwagons," said Patrick Koo. "I'm pretty sure everyone's a Germany fan now."

While Germany's supporters many with their faces painted and some shirtless erupted into dance at the end of the match, Argentina's supporters Nike Air Max 2013 Sky Blue slinkered away silently, with some declining interviews.

In Vancouver, there were mixed feelings about Germany's win amongst the hundreds who gathered to watch the game.

"This is perfect for World Cup," Welte said as he sat among the crowd in Edmonton. "You get a lot of people in public rooting for their country. It's just awesome."

´╗┐Canadians turned out in the hundreds to celebrate Germany's World Cup win

"I was rooting for Germany, I bet a little bit of money on them." said Craig McKimm. "I think I'll win $26 or something like that don't tell my girlfriend though."

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Nike Air Max 2013 Sky Blue

Jonathan Lohe Chung, who had supported Argentina, said he didn't expect it to take so long for someone to score.

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