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Air Max X Supreme

Air Max X Supreme

On Friday, we got a rare look at how the CBS Sports crew pulls it off as they follow the PGA Tour around the country. When they go on the road, production Air Max Penny Iv

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Air Max X Supreme

"We're in San Diego one week, we're in Phoenix the next week, pack everything up, drive off and start setting up Monday, Tuesday," said CBS Sports Operations executive vice president Ken Aagaard.

"One of the main things I'm doing is trying to keep everybody relaxed before we go on air for the next three hours," said CBS Golf and NFL coordinating producer Lance Barrow.

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Roger Perez with Unique Catering.

"So as the cameras move around, its kind of like a cell phone, it'll get close to one antenna, and farther away from another one," said CBS Sports wireless technician Scott Lampert.

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It takes fuel, to keep this crew on their toes.

Air Max X Supreme

It takes directors, producers and even golf cart runners to make it all seamless for viewers.

Minutes before going live on air, everyone's buzzing and making sure everything is in place.

"Our wireless cameras are done a whole different way than we've done in the past," Aagaard said.

"It's hundreds of people that come to support everything from spotting, to camera people, Air Max X Supreme to replay people, to talent. It's always a big show," Aagaard said.

Air Max X Supreme

This year some new technology is helping staff cover the tournament from different camera angles.

Air Max X Supreme

Air Max X Supreme

"There's a lady from New York. She always asks for a turkey sandwich, cut the crusts," said Air Max Sequent Pink

CBS Sports Staff Makes TV Magic At Pebble Beach

From cameras to computers, everything is packed up tightly so they can set up and tear down quickly from city to city.

eyes to make it all run smoothly.

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crews manage up to 160 different screens at a time for cameras and graphics. It takes a lot of Air Max Womens Grey

Air Max X Supreme

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