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By 1637, there was a fortnightly delivery of mail from Nottingham to London by foot! The brave postman had to trek more than 100 miles with the ever present peril of highwaymen en route.

It was the novelist Anthony Trollope who created the next major advance when he invented the pillar box and Nottingham got its first in 1857. There is no record of the location.

In 1972, the Post Office moved to the top of Queen Street into modern premises, with the main sorting operation being centred in Huntingdon Street.

People flocked to Bridlesmith Gate where postmaster John Crosby and his staff were "off their heads with work and worry", trying to meet demand.

In 1831, cast iron plates bearing street names were erected in Nottingham and within a year, demands to make life easier for postmen by numbering properties were first heard.

According to local history, Nottingham got its postmaster in 1621, Richard Bullyvant who was paid 25 shillings, seven pence "for his paynes in rydinge to Newark, Derby."

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building, now home to Fopp's music shop, was which, with inflation, would equate to more than million today.

The archives reveal a strange incident from 1884 when some deranged fool tried to blow up the post office by shoving sticks of dynamite through the letter box. The plot failed.

coaching routes opened.

There were also changes in Nottingham, Raynor's post office moving to larger premises in High Street Place and then to Bridlesmith Gate.

But in 1840, Rowland Hill's penny postage scheme, irrespective of distance, became law and for the first time, the public could buy the famous Penny Black stamps.

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Seedsman John Raynor established the first Nottingham post office in his shop on High Street, helped by Thomas Crofts, of Greyfriar Gate, who would tour the town ringing his bell now on display in the British Postal Museum accepting and delivering letters, and collecting the postage.

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Sending a letter was an expensive business. Envelopes weren't invented until the 1870s so a single sheet of paper usually sufficed, folded in two and sealed with wax.

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In 1868, Nottingham got its first publicly funded post office at the top of Victoria Street. Nottingham now had 15 postal clerks and 30 postmen.

It became a competitive affair with coach drivers urging their steeds to average speeds of 10 miles an hour. The horses ran for an hour a day, three days a week and had a Nike Air Max 95 Trainers In Navy With Gum Sole

According to Julian Stray's informative new book on British Post Offices, at the beginning of the 20th century there were nearly 22,000 Post Offices across the UK. Today that figure is less than 16,000 and falling.

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Business boomed and over the next few decades new Air Max Shoes Blue And Black

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Just before the dawn of the 20th century, the Government spent a fortune on Air Max White Black Grey a new, ornate post office in Queen Street. The cost of the Air Max Black And Gray

At various points, fresh horses would be ready to keep the messengers on the move. England had its Royal Mail.

The advent of the railway made things even more hectic. New post offices opened in Mansfield Road, Derby Road and Sneinton Road.

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Bouncing along the rutted tracks of old England, the coach journey took 24 hours with the Blackamoor's Head at the corner of High Street and Pelham Street, one of the most important coaching hostels.

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career on the first class service of about four years.

IT was Henry VIII who came up with the idea of a postal service. The king wanted a network of routes radiating from London along which letters of court could be carried by messengers.

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´╗┐Celebrating postal history in Notts

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Because of Newark's position on the main London to York coach route, it held the honour of being head post office in Notts but once mail coaches began to run between Nottingham and the capital, in 1784, its importance waned.

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