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saw they were out and he locked them out.

I can't go in to too much detail because the defendant has proven himself to be somewhat of a web sleuth and will undoubtedly read this so I can't give away certain details as it will hurt me later in court. (Hi John :/)

35 A violation cases in Mass and previous decisions by the courts like Ibanez and Eaton make it pretty much impossible to evict because the judge doesn't think I actually have title. (Even though I have rock solid proof I do based on other documents)

Change the locks and secure the windows.

I had to go through the eviction process with those squatters and Air Max Grey White I don't see why these people cannot be evicted if they're not paying any rent. Must be a blue state thing, I know I'd never be tempted to do any business in MA.

Good luck hope you have an excellent attorney. Not to scare you but there was a case around here where the former owner stayed in the house for 7 years after the foreclosure sale without paying rent. But a friend of mine said that was better than Costa Rica, where it can take 8 to 10 years.

I will be made whole either way b/c I filed a title insurance claim, but I actually want the house as it is a great flip opportunity.

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´╗┐Can't evict squatter

the bank in order to evict. Without it, he will not allow me to evict, ask for use and occupancy payments, or even re foreclose. Hence my question about other possible angles.

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lease. All objections were over rules.

If it is the former owner I have to think that they are trying to unwind the foreclosure and claim they should still have procession until the process is done correctly. Obviously, that rainwater on exposed wood could lead to rot and additional costs to replace the front and back doors I decided that I should really take those doors down and take them home to sand before painting them to do a proper, water sealed job. I was young and impulsive back then, haven't ever tried that one again.

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(And if you can't tell, this post is meant to have some fun, not be taken literally!)That doesn't work. I tried that on some squatters that moved in when my tenant died mid month. My maintenance guy went by and Nike Air Max 2013 Mens Black

I think in this case clever and legal are not going to be compatible. What incentive does the person have to move if cash does not make them want to move? What they are getting is a FREE place to live which is highly valuable.

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In a case that I'm familiar with the judge said that the "occupant" could not be evicted because they were not a tenant, since there was no written Air Max X Atmos

You might try "MORE MONEY" which is even more valuable than just plain "MONEY". For example if your cash for keys offer is $500 then offer $5,000. But make sure you don't keep upping the amount otherwise he'll always say no because he will know that you will keep coming back with more. Get a huge moving truck and park around the corner. Wait until the guy leaves then get into the place, load up all his stuff and take it over to the new apartment.

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It is too complicated to explain all the legalities here, but I can't help but wonder why don't investors get any protection from the courts like tenants do? Seems unfair, but alas this is the world we live in after the bank fallout.

A random squatter is different from the "former owner" refusing to move out. A random squatter can be removed by police as criminal trespass. Most police will not remove the former owner saying that "its a civil matter, and not criminal."

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Leave a note on the door that reads "John Doe is no longer at this address. His new address is 123 Main Street". Have someone waiting at the new apartment with his keys.

He became a tenant at will by default when I bought the house, which would normally only require a 30 day notice to quit. But here in Massachusetts, using the Eaton decision as the benchmark, the judge is requiring me to obtain the original note from Air Max Denim

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