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week. The system configuration was simply too much work for a POC, but would be an excellent choice in a live hosting environment.

As an ISV, you must know what the hoster need to run their operation in order to create a successful application built for hosting at a "remote" location. For example, a piece of software must supply various measuring points allowing the hosting provider to check the health (and current temperature) of the application.

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In the other hand, the hosting provider too must support other interfaces; reporting to the ISV, notifications when the system fails, gets slow or unstable, etc.

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much more resources than our team could afford during the three Nike Air Max 95 Preschool Running Shoes

Also, if the idea of a provision idea should catch on for hosters and individual ISVs who would play the role of a hoster as well, we decided to implement our own provisioning system; the Lightweight System (LPS), which can be installed on a single Windows 2003 or Vista server. Simply install Windows PowerShell, and then attach the 8 custom PowerShell commands.

MVP vs. LPS vs. other provision systems

Alenka Caserman Sitecore Experience Coder=>Code">Alistair Deneys Coffee=>Coder=>Code Anders Dreyer on Sitecore Development Ariesnet Enterprise Collaboration, Social Media and Custom.

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During the project we discarded the MPS as an option, as this would require a real live setup and Air Max 95 White And Green

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During this process we identified and solved the following six challenges. This "shorter" description will not go in depth, but will be explained in later articles:

The Microsoft SaaS framework will define a number of interfaces each player must implement, but otherwise know very little about the other side operation. This will allow any ISV, like Sitecore, to pass their software to any hoster, like Cohasio, along with a single transparent instruction set (manifest). a Visio drawing), then apply the manifest to it; viola: Installation, monitoring, reporting all running. Or so is the vision.

Traditionally this is solved by the ISV supplies a document with instructions in human form. The manifest contains installation instructions on one or more "software items" and the relationship between these. For example Sitecore basis installation and Sitecore Box which is a solution built on top of the Sitecore CM Framework.

The elements of the SaaS framework

The manifest also contains much more instructions that described above. "test access to a SQL server"), an initial installation section (when the hoster want to offer the software for tenants, what should be installed before first tenant signs on) and a tenant installation section (what should we do, Air Max 95 Knee High

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Some tasks are shared; ISV must supply their software along with a long range of instructions (security configuration, database creation, database connection, file copying etc.), while the hosting provider must on every single installation spend time executing these instructions.

This is usually not an option for many hosting companies; manual operations and granting full rights to an "unknown" application for installation would usually pose a problem. Microsoft has an entire server product, Microsoft System (MPS) which is a series of dedicated servers. The current challenge of this approach is that the hosting provider must define these operations for each individual piece of software.

when a tenant purchases the software; in Sitecore box we execute a web service and create a new domain).

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´╗┐Challenges and Provisioning system

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: Initial software installation and installation each time a Air Max Grey Suede tenant purchases a service or a software item. Plans and Plan management: Hoster defines what to sell, and publishes it to the orders system. Orders: A customer (tenant) purchases a product (the application). Operations: The hoster uploads the service level agreement by keeping an eye on the tenant's application. Metering and billing: The tenant has purchase a "per usage" service. How do we bill her? Federation: If the tenant has purchased several different software items, how can we ensure that the tenant only need to log on once for all applications? 1. PROVISIONING

The task of installing a piece of Sitecore is usually handled through our executable Microsoft Installer which installs files, attaches SQL (or other database), and creates a new web site on your IIS installation. for file location, SQL connection string, new domain name. local administrator).

The role of the software provider, the company that provides the software as a service, was in this project split between the company that hosts the software, Cohasio, and the ISV, Sitecore. Other operations, such as large corporations might both design the software and host the solution themselves, are being the full software provider. per month usage etc.).

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