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Just northeast of Mills, the Salt Creek Heights Business Park is also rapidly developing. The Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board owns the 125 acre area and employs Refined Properties LLC to market the land.

With ever increasing growth in Casper and the surrounding communities, the city is considering its first boundary agreement with Mills since the 1980s and preparing the Salt Creek Heights Business Park for eventual annexation.

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One potential solution discussed at Tuesday's council meeting was a planned unit development, a form of land regulation that would require fewer planning commission approvals and let development continue unhindered. Other solutions are still being discussed, and Collins said it could be years before the city is in a position to annex any of the property. Passionate views, pointed criticism Air Max 95 Og 2015

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"It's just a matter of time before it happens, but I don't think it's anything that has to happen overnight," Hopkins said. "And I'm getting that impression from both the city side and the joint powers board side."

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Bob Hopkins, a member of the joint powers board and Casper City Council, said the city doesn't want to deter business but should regulate it. City staff has requested buildings meet city code because of plans to annex the park.

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"In some instances, it's just we're trying to follow a geographic feature, like the river or like a power line or something that's visible and easy to see and delineate the two different areas," Collins said. "In other areas it has to do with water districts and who's serving that area with utilities currently."

Dempsey Acres, the area west of the Vista West subdivision and the area east of Mills near 71 Construction on Barton Drive will all change from Casper to Mills. The Casper/Natrona County International Airport will be committed to Casper, and the boundary line east of Robertson Road will shift slightly to follow the power line Air Max For Girls Black instead of a section line.

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´╗┐Casper considers northwest growth boundaries


Collins said city policy requires locations receiving city water and sewer services to join Casper if their boundaries are adjacent. The business park, previously under the ownership of British Petroleum, failed to complete the annexation process in an allotted time. Instead, the owners agreed to be annexed upon a future request.

"It's something that needed to be done so we know which direction we're going," Wilson said.

The business park has followed city building standards with a few exceptions concerning sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Collins said the city is working with the joint powers board to prevent future development from following suit, which could lead to safety issues or facility upgrade costs.

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"Lately, it's been kind of a discussion about, 'Well, is it time or not?'" Collins said.

Mills Mayor Marrolyce Wilson said the Town Council has reviewed the new boundaries and is pleased with the agreement. With subdivisions and highway construction in the area, Mills has its own future to consider.

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The last attempted agreement between Mills and Casper fell through in 2011 when the municipalities disputed jurisdiction over the River Park housing addition, which Casper later annexed. Casper Associate Planner Craig Collins said the last agreement with Mills was signed in 1984. The proposed map revision adjusts five boundaries and adds to Mills' growth areas.

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