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living with unsafe Air Max Floral Print drinking water and unable to maintain roads, clearly overspending is not the problem. The problem is lack of revenue," reads the statement. The statement adds that the business federation is "misguided" on municipal transfers. "Transfers from the province are largely project driven and not predicable revenue. Property tax is the main source of municipal revenue, and as a regressive tax, it burdens lower income homeowners and most vulnerable members of society."

"With hundreds of towns understaffed, Grey Air Max 95 Junior

Churence, Sorry, but your wrong, and I think you know it. There are about 200 municipalities in this province of 500,000 people. We are governed to death. MNL has been talking about cooperation for years, but there are terribly few examples of this happening. This provincial government, and others before it, have known that amalgamation is necessary for years, but they also know it is political suicide because petty politicians at the local level want to maintain their little empires and keep getting their little per diems and meal allowances to do little or nothing. As far as cooperation, that's out of the question, remember the Regional Economic Development Boards? Remember what happened to Eric Gullage?

David, I agree, St. John's is a hub for resource exploitation. The whole province is. So as a society, what is the most cost effective and beneficial way to extract those resources.

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Yes there is need for amalgamation between st. John's, Mount Pearl, Paradise, etc. But the other question you have to ask is whether these other small towns really deserve the infrastructure dollars from the province, and what the cost of running the towns are compared to the tax dollars that they bring in. Take a 10 year history, look at whether the towns are growing or not and look at their population demographic. Are they places we want to invest in as a society?

If MNL were serious about the supposed lack of resources, they would force the amalgamation, strongly encourage municipalities to cooperate, and better share what resources are available.

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The report said municipalities have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

If you take away oil and government jobs you don't have a lot of industry here. Accounting Law facilitators of gov't bureaucracy, teaching, medicine, all Nike Air Max 95 Size 7

You are right, St. John's is a convenient cove for supply ships. For now, it's offshore oil, and it's St. John's. To reduce a province's entire future solely on such an ephemeral state of affairs especially considering St. Let me put it this way: Scotland isn't just Aberdeen, not even on its worst day. Newfoundland is nothing BUT St. John's. On our very best.

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A report released Monday by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' claim that municipalities receive just eight cents of every tax dollar collected in Canada doesn't take federal Air Max Og Red

and provincial transfers into account, and that the actual figure is 15 cents of every tax dollar.

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of that is public sector work. What is exported from the province?

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CFIB report 'insulting' and 'antagonistic

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if hundreds means 200, if you take the avalon population out of the province's population you're looking at 250,000 with about 190 municipalities. or an average town size of 1300 people. Are all these towns really sustainable?

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Municipal operating grants have declined more than 50 per cent since the early 1990s, said the statement, and councils have had to make up the difference by increasing property taxes, cutting services or both.

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