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Air Max 95 Template

It comes after another cat, Joey, was shot in the leg with a crossbow bolt in Penhill in May.

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"I took him back to the vet's and they said they thought it was a broken leg, and an X ray would cost 200. They said the best option would be to amputate because apparently cats heal better than if they keep the leg.

"To think someone in our community has done this has made us worry for all our pets."

Air Max 95 Template

Air Max 95 Template

had got worse because he put pressure on it.

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"It's disgusting. I just can't get my head around who would go round and point blank shoot a cat," she said.

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"Sadly these attacks are quite common and we would appeal for anyone with information to get in touch with the police or RSPCA so that we can help to protect other animals from going through the same ordeal."

She noticed a puncture wound in his left front leg and was prescribed antibiotics by a vet who told her to come back a week later if it had not Air Max Green And Yellow

"He's been doing extremely well since he came home on Thursday but it's affected us all, including the kids.

Air Max 95 Template

"One shot went through his left front leg and another went in underneath his right leg so they amputated the left one. He still has a pellet in the other leg.

Mum of six Kelly first noticed something was wrong with Benny, one of the family's five cats including his brother Frankie, about two weeks ago when he was playing with one of her children.

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´╗┐Cat is mutilated by air pistol hooligan From This Is Wiltshire

Kelly said: "He started to improve but then a few days ago he was meowing loudly and could not walk on his leg. He Air Max 95 Template was breathing very heavily and was in a lot of pain.

So she borrowed most of the 700 bill from her mum to buy Benny's life and is now paying the rest in installments as the family, of Moredon, come to terms with the shocking act of cruelty.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "We are shocked to hear of this incident which would have caused so much distress for the owners as well as for the cat.

Kelly Shepherd, 32, was upset after she was told by vets that they may have to put her beloved one year old ginger moggy down if she could not get the money for his treatment this week.

legs, and had a hairline fracture which Air Max 95 Black Blue

The RSPCA confirmed there were five reported air weapon attacks in Wiltshire in 2012, while in the first six months of this year they had already received three reports of attacks.

BENNY the cat had to have a leg amputated and his owners were left with vet's bills of 700 after he was shot twice with an air pistol by an unknown gunman.

PCSO Elroy Rodrigues said he would appeal for anyone who knew what had happened to Benny to come forward.

Air Max 95 Template

Air Max 95 Template

"It cost 700 and we didn't have the money so I had to either borrow it or sign him over to the vet, who might have had to put him down. I couldn't bear that to happen so I was going to fight for him.

"I was really emotional. I'm really attached to my animals and so I got the money together to have him X rayed. Then the vet's phoned back and said he had been shot in the Black Nike Air Max Womens 2013

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