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will cover approximately 1,500 square feet. The full cost of the lease agreement over the course of 15 years is approximately $621,000, not including heat and light or expenses associated with the retrofit. The Town of Grand Falls Windsor's offer assuming CBC were to lease 1,500 square feet of office space would fall somewhere between $337,500 and $382,500 over the same duration.

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space inside a Gander shopping centre, including those who currently work in the CBC building on Sullivan Avenue in Gander.

Grand Falls Windsor Mayor Al Hawkins believes CBC should have taken a different approach to consolidation by moving the positions based in Gander to his community.

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"My personal feeling is that will be difficult to do from 100 kilometres away. I'm sure the major stories will be covered. I guess what you might consider to be the smaller, but interesting, human interest stories, Nike Air Max 50

"It's a rough commute, this time of year especially," he said.

"For them personally, it will mean, I guess, making a decision of whether to transfer, commute or leave their positions," said Mesh, who doubts any of the affected employees in Grand Falls Windsor will choose the latter option.

CBC staffer worried stories will get missed

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According to Hawkins, the town offered CBC space in its not for profit Excite Corporation property at an annual rate of $15 $17 per square foot, heat and light included.

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"I had been really trying to work with CBC and some of the senior management people over the last three years, promoting Grand Falls Windsor as the ideal location for the CBC."

In a story posted this week to CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's website, Atlantic regional manager Andrew Cochran said its two buildings in the central region offered more space than was needed, noting they were built to serve a different era in CBC's history.

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The transition is expected to take place this summer.

"I suppose we were a little bit surprised by getting the final word of it," said Mesh, one of two technicians who will remain in Grand Falls Windsor in a yet to be determined office.

"The corporation did announce about a year or so ago that they were looking to get rid of some real estate, and we did expect that something like this could be coming down the tube."

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Operations in Grand Falls Windsor were affected by budget cuts at CBC in 2009, as well. Former "Central Morning" co host Randy Larcombe and a maintenance technician voluntarily retired that year. Neither position was filled, leaving "Central Morning" with one host based in Gander.

I think will inevitably be lost."

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Hawkins added that the move to Grand Falls Windsor would be less of an upheaval for staff in Gander, given there are fewer than half as many CBC employees in that community.

However, Hawkins said details of the lease indicate the public broadcaster ultimately settled for an arrangement that will prove to be more costly.

"We're being told that the intent from the management perspective is to maintain the same level of coverage within the community," said Harry Mesh, a transmission technician based in Grand Falls Windsor.

According to the mayor, a 15 year lease agreement will give CBC 90 days free followed by a year one to five rate of $24 per square foot, $28 for years six to 10, and $32 for the remainder Air Max 95 Htm of the agreement. A retrofit in Gander will cost $190,000 plus a 15 per cent fee to be paid to mall administration. Hawkins said CBC will be charged $3 per square foot for heat and light.

"Obviously, when you crunch the numbers, it does not make sense considering what they were offered," said the mayor.

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