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Air Max 95 Footlocker

Air Max 95 Footlocker

My houses smelled like daisy in the end.

Natures miracle cleand the floors perfect. I put in in a rug doctor and used directly on the floor. Don tell the local ace hardware.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

I was at a seminar one time, that ended up being a pitch for " coaching" , but he spoke of a device that was developed by NASA that removed any odors in just a few hours. Thats a huge discount in these parts.

Thanks everybody for your input.

Okay, I found it. I have never tried the product for myself but according to Andy Rosas form the Coaching Institute it works great. He offered it as one of his " freebees" during the seminar.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

Yes, the oil based Kilz works quite well, you just have to paint EVERYTHING. It basically seals in the odor. Same thing for fire restorations, gut things out to bare studs and spray it all. Don leave any old sheet vinyl, or carpet that will hold the odors/smoke particles. Bare wood, heavy dose of Kilz, then move on with rehab. Don forget the attic too. Oh yeah, in case you don know, it also covers crayon and permanent markers so you can paint over without bleeding.

Beachbum, I heard from others that Kilz works great to seal odors. Do you have personal experience using it on cat urine smells?

It looks like it costs around $600. Air Max 95 Z

He stated it is dangerous to be around the device while Air Max 95 360 Black

I picked up a house a few years ago with a concrete foundation. The worst animal smell and conditions I have ever came across. No exageration, the dog urine ate away a metal slider door tract. After ripping out everything so there was nothing left but the drywall we started cleaning.

Check back over the next couple of days, If I have to call the guy I have his contact info somewhere. I got 3 continuing education hours for it, so I can figure it out. I on the case.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

Air Max 95 Footlocker

I haven read a whole lot of reivews yet, but If I see a lot of negative stuff, I report back.

According to Andy, you place it in the center of a room, turn it on, and return in a few hours.

Kilz the best paint ever. we coated it 3 times.

In my case, we had to remove the carpet, the padding, and then tried the odor remover, which didn work sufficiently. Had to sand, then seal (with polyeurothane) the subfloor in some areas and replace altogether in others. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

The good news is that subfloor isn too expensive and it less work than " sand, treat, and seal." I was worried about low level residual smell that other cats/dogs might still detect once they start going on one area of the floor, it very hard to get them to stop. That why I just replaced a lot of it.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

Sense then I hired a guy that does it for me. If you can find a cleaning service that does commercial they have these huge floor buffers that look like giant SOS pads. works every time.

´╗┐Cat Urine

Air Max 95 Footlocker

I had a similar problem. You can buy neutralizer at a pet store. It expensive.

the hardwood did you? This house actually has hardwood floors in part of the house, but they are covered Air Max 95 Footlocker with padding at carpet. It would be awesome if the hardwood could be refinished once the carpet is pulled up. It might need to be torn up, or maybe coated in Kilz and then re carpeted.

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or go to google and search ecoquest. This particular product is the Ozone blaster.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

its working, turn it on, and get out, then come back turn it off, and your fowl odor will be gone, for good.

Air Max 95 Footlocker

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Air Max 95 Footlocker

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