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"It's supposed to be public service, not self service."

Liberal incumbent Gerry Byrne will be there, as will Trevor Taylor of the Conservative Party of Canada and independent candidate Wayne Bennett.

With polls showing another Conservative government will probably be formed federally and the Progressive Conservatives expected to Nike Air Max 95 Challenge Red

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"It's time to get away from that sort of political patronage," said Bennett.

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In a letter submitted to The Western Star Monday, Byrne encouraged all of the other candidates vying to represent the federal riding of Humber St. Barbe Baie Verte to also commit to not accepting any sort of political appointment or employment for five years Nike Air Max 95 Orange And Grey

Shelley Senior, who is running for the New Democratic Party, and independent candidate Wayne Bennett both easily accepted Byrne's challenge to make the pledge. The Star was unable to connect with Green Party hopeful Robin Gosse to get his perspective.

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"I have always made a living with many jobs outside of politics," said Taylor. "Gerry, to my knowledge only has had one and that was working on a make work project with Ducks Unlimited Cheap Nike Air Max Womens Size 7

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after the election.

up in Main Brook. Outside of that, he has been a career politician. I haven't been . Gerry Byrne is the only one whose employment depends on the outcome of this election."

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"Of course it is," Taylor himself said while campaigning in Baie Verte Monday. "Gerry obviously feels threatened. For a fellow to do something like that, he's obviously feeling the pressure and knows there's a chance that the sand is starting to shift."

Byrne said the reason why he has made the pledge is to show the riding's constituents that he is genuine about wanting to represent them as their MP in the House of Commons and has no ulterior motive.

According to those challenging Byrne in the May 2 vote, the pledge is obviously directed at Taylor, the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate.

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Taylor took the pledge. While he is confident he will land the job as the riding's next MP, Taylor said, if he doesn't win, he will return to the job he is currently on unpaid leave from and which he said pays almost as handsomely as an MP's salary.

Meanwhile, reading between the lines, Bennett said this is Byrne calling Air Max 00 Taylor out in case the Conservative candidate is angling to replace Manning, or maybe Sen. Bill Rompkey who will retire soon, in the Senate.

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maintain control of the provincial government, Taylor said it's not likely Byrne would get appointed to anything in the next five years.

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At least three of the five candidates running for election to represent the federal riding of Humber St. on April 20.

"I am running because I would like to get elected and try to effect some change in Ottawa," said Senior. "I'm horrified by what's going on up there . What are the chances of me getting some plumb appointment because I ran for the NDP anyway?"

CORNER BROOK Trevor Taylor calls Gerry Byrne's pledge to refuse any political appointment or job offer should he not be re elected "bizarre."

´╗┐Candidates have no problem pledging to refuse political appointments

"Such a pledge is consistent with the current Federal Code of Conduct for Public Office Holders," wrote the Liberal incumbent. "This code creates a statutory prohibition or limit on the types of activities former elected office holders can engage in. This code, however, does not currently include provisions governing former candidates. I think it should and I would like to change that."

"Who would appoint him anyway?" asked Taylor. "Why wouldn't he commit to not taking any appointment?"

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